In our office we focus on the examination, treatment options and post-operative after-care of routine and complex medical disorders.
Local pain therapies for acute problems of the locomotor apparatus are daily treatment strategies.

The spectrum of surgical treatments ranges from the small toe up to the cervical spine.
Together with the orthopaedic surgeons of the hospital „Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wien“ we offer the following medical treatments:


  • Hip surgery with emphasis on minimal invasive total joint replacement incl. computer assisted navigation
    (2013 10th birthday of “Wiener Hüfte”, Viennese Hip, in ALMIS-technique, team experience with over 4000 operations)
  • Knee surgery with emphasis on arthroscopic surgery and total joint replacement incl. computer assisted navigation
    (14 years of success, expert knowledge with over 3000 operations)
  • Foot surgery incl. complex hallux-valgus surgery and ankle joint replacement
  • Shoulder surgery such as impingement-syndrom, rotator cuff reconstruction, recurrent dislocation of the shoulder and shoulder joint replacement
  • Hand surgery, e.g. dupuytren contracture, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Spine surgery, e.g. disc operation (minimal invasive, microsurgery, disc implant), decompression- and stabilisation operations of vertebrostenosis, correction of spinal deformations (scoliosis and kyphosis), kyphoplastic of osteoporotic vertebral fractures
  • Operative treatments of rheumatic diseases
  • Operative treatments of post traumatic diseases, e.g. correction of the axial deformation of the leg, if required using computer assisted navigation
As a matter of course you can contact us with any other problems of the musculoskeletal system:
Every acute problems with the spine like Lumbago or Ischialgia, acute pain in any other joint like Epicondylitis “Tenniselbow” or pain in the thumb (“Computer-Thumb”), pain and blocking in the cervical spine, every problems with the feet and also Shoe insoles.

Because of our ongoing research work and exchange of experience with well-regarded national and international clinics, and our participation in various national and international key scientific events, a treatment using state-of-the-art medicine can be taken for granted. Computer navigated surgery, a new horizon in orthopaedic surgery, enhances our surgical repertoire. This technique is used to optimize the accuracy of surgical precision. Minimally invasive surgery, whenever possible, is our gold standard.

Appointments for operation

We offer our patients prompt surgical scheduling with a minimal waiting time. We do our very best to perform the surgery when you wish.
A “fly in for surgery” service is provided for international patients. Make an appointment and we guarantee diagnostic and operation preparation within one day.